Stoep Stories No 11

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Sunday, 11th May 2014

Published by the Graaff-Reinet Heritage Society 


By Ann Murray

One morning during the Anglo – Boer War 100 years ago a small group of Boer horsemen rode up to Glentwyn Cottage the farmhouse on Bloemhof. They were looking for provisions and horses. However, there were no horses because the brother, Arthur and Tom Murray, farming in partnership had taken the precaution of removing all horses to Roodebloem close to Graaff – Reinet they left only one male and one ox on Bloemhof.

As the Boers rode up to The Cottage they met a little girl of about six, Eleanor Murray who faced them with her hands behind her back.

“what have you got there, little girl?” asked one of the Boers.

“Nothing “ she said instinctively.

“Well, “said another of the horsemen, “Go and put it where your Mummy told you to.”

And with that Eleanor ran off and placed the two tins of sardines she had been holding, under the trunk of the fallen willow tree with the other groceries from the pantry.

The horsemen helped themselves to as much as they could carry and rode off cheerily.

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