Aberdeen Cemetery
  • Aberdeen

Last Updated: March 2015

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  • Longitude: 24.058901
  • Latitude: -32.479205
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About Aberdeen Cemetery

Aberdeen cemeteries, a distant view

A silent walk through history...

Aberdeen's cemetery is a true resting place. Well kept and shaded by Cypress trees, the area is a veritable walk through the history of the town. Looking at the many gravestones and memorials, one can see the periods of illness and those war that struck the town. Adjacent to the Christian cemetery is the Jewish cemetery, rich with a story of its own of the former Jewish residents of Aberdeen.

Jan Vorster of Brakfontein

Near to the main entrance of the cemetery lies a crypt-like grave; neat and simple. This is the resting place of Jan Vorster, the owner of the farm Brakfontein which he sold to the Dutch Reformed Church (N.G. Kerk) in 1855. It was this farm that was eventually divided up into erven and sold to the first residents of what would develop into the town of Aberdeen.

Anglo-Boer War : British Graves

In memory of the 25 officers, NCO's and men who fell in the district in the Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902.

Anglo-Boer War : Boer Graves

In memory of 4 members of the Boer forces who fell in the district in the Anglo-Boer War 1899 - 1902, including the first Boer to be executed for wearing British uniform in combat against the British.

The Jewish Cemetery

Contains the graves of 20 Jewish who died in the town between 1903 and 1941.