Aberdeen Dutch Reformed Church Hall
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Last Updated: February 2023

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About Aberdeen Dutch Reformed Church Hall

Dutch Reformed Church Hall Aberdeen
Dutch Reformed Church Hall Aberdeen
Dutch Reformed Church Hall Aberdeen
Dutch Reformed Church Hall Aberdeen
Dutch Reformed Church Hall Aberdeen

The twenty biblical scenes in the Dutch Reformed Church hall of Aberdeen were planned and lovingly created by mainly the senior citizens of the town. The scenes portray the history of God's Covenant with mankind.

A group of five ladies - and for the creation scene, one young man - handled the artworks, and with many helpers, completed the task in four months.

The panels were created by combining textiles, lambs wool and home glue (course salt, flour and water). This was pasted onto a background of hessian and hung against the walls to improve the poor acoustics - 80% improvements!

The inauguration took place after the midnight service on 31 December 1999. Johanna Konig designed the panels. This unique technique of gluing material onto hessian is hers too.

Keep in mind everything is in cloth, sheep wool and other material glued onto hessian. It really is unique: pasted not painted, cloth by cloth and nuance by nuance. Only the faces are painted on cloth.

Four panels measure 4,5 metres wide. The others are up to 1,8 metres high and 1,5 metres wide. More than 250 metres of hessian was used. The open spaces between the panels were covered with pleated hessian. The windows covered with roman blinds made from hessian.

On one wall we have the old Testament = God made the covenant with the Jews. Then Jesus was born and he took the covenant to the whole world, so we have the New Testament on the other wall (up to the second coming of Jesus). Where the panel of the creation meets the second coming of Jesus we have the sign of the Alpha and the Omega; the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

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