Andries Pretorius Monument
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Last Updated: March 2015

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  • Longitude: 24.541248
  • Latitude: -32.220379
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About Andries Pretorius Monument

Andries Pretorius Monument, Graaff-Reinet

This monument in memory of the Voortrekker leader was erected in 1943.

The monument can be seen about 3 km from the town, at the Camdeboo National Park Offices on the N9 to Middelburg, the route to the north and into the interior, which the Voortrekker followed.

The sculptor was Coert Steynberg. The moument was unveiled by Mrs Gustav Preller on Andries Pretoruis's birthday, 27 November. The imposing figure of Pretorius, gazing northwards, with his left hand resting on a wagon wheel, dominates the monument.

The sculptor incorporated Afrikaner oxen in the design to pay tribute to the noble animal that hauled the trekkers' wagons. The inscription "Eenmaal sal daar wel 'n wiel oor ons wereld rol wat vir u en vir my onkeerbaar is"("One day a wheel will indeed roll across our world and neither you nor I will be able to stop it") are these words used by Andries Pretorius to Sir Harry Smith during their discussions in 1848.

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