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Last Updated: July 2023

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About Graaff-Reinet Club

The Graaff-Reinet Club is the second oldest social club in South Africa. The land and building was purchased in 1875, when several leading townsmen and farmers decided that a social club was needed. In 1880 a new club house was built on the same site, strictly for men only.

Between 1902 and 1950 700 members went through a stringent process in order to be accepted, such as approval by two Doctors. Nowadays the membership numbers stand at about 200, and the club is still predominantly for men.

The Coldstream Guards, on their departure in 1902, held an exuberant party during which holes were shot into the bar counter - these are still today a talking point!

Credit to Nicola Woods `A Guide to Graaff-Reinet`

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