Slater & Dutch
  • Graaff-Reinet

Last Updated: March 2023

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  • 63 Somerset Street, Graaff-Reinet, 6280

  • Longitude: 24.5335
  • Latitude: -32.2516
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About Slater & Dutch

I am a sixth-generation farmer, farming in the Karoo (Khoikhoi word for desert) within the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I farm with Dorper sheep, one of their finest characteristics being their skins which are regarded among the best in the world.

I always loved leather and wanted to showcase what you can do with Dorper skin. I also use a variety of quality leather that I source from reputable tanneries and hardware from local manufacturers, purchasing the best quality available because only the best will do.

All of my leather articles are handmade and hand-stitched from start to finish. No machines are used and I concentrate on durability, style and simplicity. It takes time to create quality articles, and I can ensure you that you will be buying an heirloom for future generations to use and enjoy.

Where does the name Slater & Dutch come from?

Slater derives from my ancestors who arrived in Port Elizabeth in 1820, from England. They arrived on a ship that was called the Aurora.

Dutch is derived from the other half of my heritage.