Graaff-Reinet DOES HAVE Water

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Tuesday, 3rd December 2019


There are rumours doing the rounds in various towns around, that Graaff-Reinet has no water, drinking or otherwise available, that visitors should buy their water at garages prior to arriving in Graaff-reinet. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE TRUE STORY. 

 YES, sadly Graaff-Reinet and the surrounding area is in the midst of a terrible drought. YES, our Nqweba dam is dry, BUT we would like to assure all our visitors that we are open for business. The town has been using borehole water for nearly a year and thanks to a pro-active community along with the help and support from organizations, within and outside the community, the careful continued use of Borehole water, we are still able to claim that we have water for business to continue. Many accommodation establishments use water storage tanks/boreholes or both in addition to the town water. Thus, when visiting our beautiful Great Karoo town, you will have water. If in doubt, please check with your accommodation establishment booked for further re-assurance.

Graaff Reinet Does Have Water

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