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The Graaff Reinet Artists Route include visits to -

  • The Hester Rupert Art Museum for Twentieth-century South Arican Art
  • The Jan Rupert Centre
  • Imibala Gallery
  • The Windmill Junction for Jewellery, home decor, furniture and loads more
    Somerset Street, Graaff-Reinet
    Tel 049 8922099
    Mondays to Fridays 08h00 - 17h00
    Saturdays 08h00 - 13h00
    The Protective Workplace,Industria Street, Industrial Area, Graaff-Reinet
    Tel: 049 8923 244
    Mondays to Fridays 08h00 to 12h30
    Closed Saturdays and Sundays

The Artists Route in Nieu Bethesda include - 

  • Bethesda Art Centre - for local art, award-winning & locally made beautiful quilts on display
    More info go to 
  • Ware on Earth Gallery & Ceramics 
    Acclaimed SA artist Charmaine Haines works within the realm of figurative clay, using abstract and stylised symbols and motives to embellish her sculptural and utility forms.  Martin Haines produces plates and platters in a rich peasant pottery style.
    Tel:049 8411 767  /  078 777 1966
  • Art & Photographic Courses at Ganora Guest Farm
    Contact Hester Steynberg for more info at Tel:049 8411 302 
  • Frans Boekkooi Sculpture Studio & Gallery - Well-known sculptor Frans Boekkooi works from an old Blacksmith studio in Pienaar Street (next to the Brewery) Visitors are welcome to pop in and experience a working studio as well as looking at some of his work.
    Contact: Heidi Boekkooi
    Tel:        082 865 2699
    Open Mondays to Saturdays 09h00 - 17h00
  • Heidi's Gallery & Gifts
  • Owl House & Helen Martins
  • Cement  Owl Sculptures & Wire Work

The Artists Route in Aberdeen

Marguerite Beneke - Fused Glass Ware and Biblical Panels

Tel:049 8460 691

For more information go to

  • More InfoUpdated: October 2019
    Located in Church Street, Graaff-Reinet, is housed in the fifth oldest church building in South Africa. It was built and consecrated as a Dutch Reformed Mission Church in 1821, 35 years after the founding of the village of...
    • Museums
  • More InfoUpdated: 5 months ago
    Windmill Junction
    • Graaff-Reinet
    In many a heart there is the longing to discover a place known only to a lucky few. Windmill Junction is that place. It's what you'd wish a country store to be, outwardly unassuming, but on the inside a place to discover...
    • Shopping / Interests
    • Shopping
    • Curios / Arts / Crafts
    • Interior
  • More InfoUpdated: March 2019
    The Bushman Heritage Museum
    • Graaff-Reinet Area
    The Bushman Heritage Museum - A unique museum of contemporary art made by living Bushmen, includes a permanent collection of stunning tapestries made by local Bushmen artists at the Bethesda Arts Centre, artwork that explores the...
    • Restaurant
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  • More InfoUpdated: February 2023
    The twenty biblical scenes in the Dutch Reformed Church hall of Aberdeen were planned and lovingly created by mainly the senior citizens of the town. The scenes portray the history of God's Covenant with mankind. A group of five...
    • Sightseeing
    • 049 846 0161
    • 072 1479 993
  • More InfoUpdated: December 2021
    Owl House & Helen Martins
    • Graaff-Reinet Area
    Helen Martins lay ill in bed one night with the moon shining in through the window and considered how dull and grey her life had become. She resolved there and then, that she would strive to bring light and colour into her life....
    • Museums
  • More InfoUpdated: June 2023
    Karoo Kurios
    • Graaff-Reinet
    Karoo Kurios, has a new face and is situated only a block away from the hub of Somerset Street. Here you will find a wide range of handcrafts from South African and other African countries as well as animal hides and...
    • Shopping / Interests
    • Shopping
    • Curios / Arts / Crafts
  • More InfoUpdated: April 2021
    LOT 44
    • Graaff-Reinet
    A wonderfully curated, intriguing homeware shop filled with all sorts of second hand furniture & treasures.
    • Antiques
    • Curios / Arts / Crafts
    • Furniture
    • Interior
  • More InfoUpdated: 3 months ago
    Gallery, sculpture garden and accommodation units.
    • Accommodation
    • Farm
    • Self Catering
    • Curios / Arts / Crafts
  • More InfoUpdated: 3 months ago
    Jan Rupert Centre
    • Graaff-Reinet
    The Neo-Gothic building in Middle Street was originally a place of worship for the Manatees, a refugee Sotho tribe that had fled south across the Orange River in the 1820’s.
    • Museums
  • More InfoUpdated: September 2018
    Imibala Gallery
    • Graaff-Reinet
    Imibala is best described as a social movement of commitment towards enriching the lives of school going children in significant ways.
    • Arts and Crafts